Phinancial Guy

I've been A financial advisor since '01, and A dad since '05.

I've been going to shows since '92.

My name is Bill. 


I love working with nice people.


Three things matter most to me; my family, my clients, and live music. The @PhinancialGuy concept is my attempt at bringing these things together.

My mission is to help people who share my love for live music to reach their financial and retirement goals. Maybe along the way, I'll end up with a few more brothers and sisters.



I make maps

(well, not really, but keep reading and you'll see)

I view my role in my clients' financial lives as similar to the folks standing at the soundboard at a show. Their job is to make sure the band looks and sounds as good as possible. They take the product of the band's years of practice and hard work and turn it into something they can present to the world. They are a silent partner in the delivery of the band's message and the realization of their success. Similarly, my role in my clients' lives is to help them make something of their years of hard work. Working, collecting a paycheck, and saving some money is a good start, but it's not until the fruits of these efforts are synthesized into a long term financial plan that a client can realize their true potential. If you don't care about going anywhere in particular, then you can take a wrong turn on the wrong path and it won't much matter. Life is a journey, and not a destination, but it helps make that journey a lot more enjoyable if you have a road map. 

I don't sell financial products, or actual maps. Instead, I help you design and follow your own personalized financial road map.




Here's how our technology puts your whole financial life at your fingertips!

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